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By joining HKHFA, members can enjoy the following benefits.
The Association will represent Members to lobby the Government and legislative councilors relating to changes in regulations and policies.
Through the Association established channel, members' problems and opinions can be communicated to the government.
The Association will provide Member first-hand information about new regulations and advice on the current law.
Members will receive support from the Association in events of news breakout.
Members can use the Association's membership for promoting their company upon prior consent of the Association.
Members are entitled to free access to the Association's website, newsletter and net express message.
Member's company website address will be posted in the Association's web page free of charge so that the public can also have the opportunity to browse members' website.
The Association serves as a platform for Members to communicate with research institutions and experts both local and overseas.
Members can enroll the international symposiums and local seminars arranged by the Association to obtain a variety of useful knowledge.
Members can enjoy discount prices for purchasing products or services, which is negotiated through the Association with the vendors.
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