Greater Bay Area (GBA) Study Tour 2023

Greater Bay Area (GBA) Study Tour 2023

Hong Kong Health Food Association has organised a study tour to visit organisations and enterprises that are experts in their industries in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Nansha. The aim of the study tour is to facilitate connections and collaboration between HK & GBA.

The itinerary included exploring registration, laws and regulations of health supplements in China.  The visit to chain pharmacy stores allowed us to have a better understanding of the docking and services of pharmacies with mainland hospitals and customers.

Shenzhen Health Care Association exchanged ideas on promoting development of the health food industry and sharing of resources. Site visit to the testing and certification centres gained a deeper understanding of the process of testing health food products.

A health supplement supplier built a brain health centre for their customers, students and the general public to learn about the importance of brain health, not only to provide education but also to build brand image and awareness.

Visiting the Nansha New Area Planning Exhibition Hall allowed us to recognise the history, development and the latest preferential policies in Nansha, by which the information could greatly assist Hong Kong merchants, teenagers and start-ups to develop there. In addition, it was captivating to see the Guangdong Medical Valley has made great strides in the advancement in biomedical technology.  Cross-border e-commerce and bonded port help Hong Kong companies develop the China market.

The study tour has been very enriching. Through these activities, members expand their network, strengthens government and commercial connections, facilitating the collaborations between Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.


Sincere Gratitude to the support of:

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Shenzhen Administration For Market Regulation

Guangzhou Nansha New Area Hong Kong Service Center


Specially thanks to:

Shenzhen Haiwang Yidian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Health Care Association

Shenzhen Association for the Development & Promotion of Health Industry

CTI Testing and Certification Group Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Dingwei Brain Health Centre

STC Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre

Nansha New Area Planning Exhibition Hall

Guangdong Medical Valley Nansha Park

Nansha Guangzhou bonded port area