News and Activities

The 16th Anniversary Dinner and Award Ceremony 2021

The 16th Anniversary Dinner and Award Ceremony held on 30th November 2021 has marked another milestone of Hong Kong Health Food Association reaching its 16 years of establishment.

Renowned guests from different sectors including government officials, councilors, university professors, representatives of major chambers of commerce, partners and members of the Association gathered together at the Sheraton Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui to celebrate the event.  More than a decade ago, health food did not enjoy a high level of public awareness.   Thanks to the years of hard work of the Association and the industry, health foods are widely accepted by the public and the industry has been able to flourish.

Bowling Contest and Fun Carnival 2021
The Hong Kong Health Food Association has held the Bowling Contest and Fun Carnival 2021 on September 10. There was total 10 teams and everyone enjoyed the game very much. Each team was mixed with representatives from different member companies, so that everyone can get to know each other while having fun. Kenny Chung from Nu Life International (Asia) Limited, Maisy Lam from Wyeth (Hong Kong) Holding Company Limited and Kenneth Lee from Concord Alliance Limited (Meiriki) jointly won the...
“Fund Application and Anti-counterfeiting Technology Application” Seminar by Hong Kong Productivity Council
The Hong Kong Health Food Association and the Hong Kong Productivity Council held a seminar for members on October 6. The seminar was divided into three parts: In the first part, Mr. Ir Samson Suen (General Manager, Smart Manufacturing Division) explained the re-industrialization, innovation and technology, intelligent production process and the development of high value-added industries and industrial chains. The HKPC can assist SMEs to apply for government funds. The second part is Miss Karman Leung (SME One Manager), explained...
Natural and Organic Asia (NOA) 2021
Natural and Organic Asia (NOA) 2021 was successfully held on 7-9 Sep 2021. The Hong Kong Health Food Association (HKHFA) attended the opening ceremony of the Natural and Organic Asia 2021, and during the expo, Vice President of HKHFA, Miss Joanne Cheung & Associate Professor of School of Biological Sciences HKU, Jennifer Wan shared about the Health Food and Dietary Supplement Trends in 2021 and Beyond in the NOA Academy. The talk allows audience to know more about the health...
“Mindfulness at Work” online Workshop
The "Mindfulness at Work" online Workshop organized by the Hong Kong Health Food Association and Joyful Mental Health Foundation was held on 23rd February 2021. The workshop aimed to let members to know mindfulness and how to connect our body and mind through mindfulness under new normal. Members are encouraged to apply it to daily life, so as to strengthen our awareness of facing stress and pressure in daily life. Miss Lau Hoi Ching (counselling psychologist) from Joyful Mental Health...