News and Activities

Aromatherapy workshop

Hong Kong people live a busy life and experience varying degrees of stress, worry and anxiety in their daily lives. Learning how to relax physically and mentally has become an important topic. Our association and Joyful Mental Health Foundation jointly organized an aromatherapy workshop. Miss Kit Chow, an international aromatherapist from the British IFA, to introduce the types and effects of aromatherapy, how to choose aromatherapy for people with different physiques, and teach how to use aromatherapy correctly. Acupoints that…

Co-organizes webinar on “Imported Food in Mainland Market – Exploring Online and Offline sales opportunities” with HKTDC

Keeping abreast of market developments, the HKTDC organised a webinar on “Imported Food in Mainland Market – Exploring Online and Offline sales opportunities”, with the Hong Kong Health Food Association as the organiser, and President, Joanne shared the process of entering the Hong Kong Design Gallery and other cross-border e-commerce marketing channels, and is committed to helping the industry to bring Hong Kong health food into domestic marketing, and the Mainland public can purchase safe and high-quality health products in…

The legislative control of cannabidiol (CBD) seminar

The President and members of the Hong Kong Health Food Association attended the legislative control of cannabidiol (CBD) seminar jointly organised by the Security Bureau, the Customs and Excise Department and the Government Laboratory. Cannabidiol (CBD) will be listed as a dangerous drug under the control of the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance (Cap. 134) commencing from 1 February 2023. After the commencement of the legislation, it is an offence to possess products containing CBD. Some skincare products, coffee powder, toothpaste, drinks…

Co-organizes webinar on “Opportunities and Developments of Imported Health Foods Entering the China Market” with HKTDC

In order to understand the development of the health food industry in the Greater Bay Area, exchange market information between China and Hong Kong, understand the latest domestic health food import regulations, The Hong Kong Health Food Association and the HKTDC jointly organized a webinar on “Opportunities and Developments for Imported Health Foods to Enter the Chinese Market” on 5 December. Health food industry from China & HK actively participated in this webinar. Ms. Vivien Chou, the Vice president of…

Application of Anti-counterfeiting Technology in the Pharmaceutical and Health Food Industry

Under the influence of the epidemic, more and more enterprises have changed their traditional sales models and tried diversified e-commerce methods, which not only brings convenience to consumers, but also lays hidden worries for product brand infringement. Retail products (including pharmaceuticals, health food and catering industries) are related to the health of consumers, and there are higher requirements for anti-counterfeiting identification and traceability of products. The Hong Kong Productivity Council organised the “Application of Anti-counterfeiting Technology in the Pharmaceutical and…